jueves, 9 de diciembre de 2010

Dear Ms Gallegos:

Today, I heard about you, and your new personality. I tried not to think about it, but I couldn't resist to imagine how is the new you.

Maybe, the old you don't exist anymore. Pictures of the old you came to my mind, yes, that times when you used to be so shy and embarrased about almost everything. I heard that you're enjoying yourself, okay, you and yours "friends with benefits" are enjoying...you. (: .Wrinting this, I don't want to express discomfort or disagree about your new acttitude, but I want to demostrate that I was right when once I told you :"Honey, your life won't finish if I leave you tomorrow ", I remember that you really got angry when you heard that. But it's right, see? now you are with your old friends, having fun, flattering with guys, dancing, drinking, and all the stuff you used to love. see? Life doesn't wait for anything , life continues. Well, the same way as you, my life continued and now I'm in love again :). And I'm sure you would be too. You and your new personality, I mean, the new you, would make someone to fall in love with you. Continue enjoying yourself, life's short and It doesn't wait for anyone neither. Best wishes to the new you ;)

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